How to Keep Your Senior Pet Smiling

In addition to an exam and blood screenings, we also advise that older pets have abdominal ultrasound, and X-rays. While blood screenings are an excellent diagnostic tool for many diseases and conditions, there are several organ systems that produce no enzymes, and so their health can’t be measured in blood. 

Just like people, senior pets are at an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. X-rays and ultrasounds help us catch both these conditions early when they can be more effectively treated. In fact, the American College of Veterinary Radiology reports that a recent study of veterinary ultrasounds found abnormalities in 80% of senior dogs over 9. 

Chronic pain is, likewise, one of aging’s most common – and debilitating – side effects. We’ve made pain management one of our main missions, and our Animal Pain and Rehab Center is devoted to services aimed at boosting your senior pet’s quality of life. These services include post-operative therapy, arthritis treatment, geriatric conditioning, weight-loss counseling and therapy, acupuncture, and platelet-rich plasma treatment. 

Has it been more than a year since your senior pet saw the vet? Do you think your best friend might benefit from a visit to our Pain and Rehab Center? Give us a call at 301-745-8975 or request an appointment on our website today!