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What if a veterinary visit could be something you and your pet look forward to?

The Fear-Free Mission statement: “Prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress from pets by
inspiring and educating people who care for them”
 – take the pet out of petrified

Fear Free was founded in 2016 by closely listening to the needs of veterinary professionals as well as those of pet owners.  It has become one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice, provided unparalleled education on emotional well-being, enrichment and the reduction of fear, anxiety and stress in pets.

We practice Fear Free methods on both our canine and feline patients.  Why? Simple, because it’s better medicine.  Psychological stress slows the healing process.  It skews results of blood test and vital sign readings.  When pets are happy and calm instead of fearful, anxious, and stressed, the physical exam and blood chemistry yields better information.

When a pet is feeling stress, his or her owner’s level of stress will usually increase as well, which only serves to further increase the fear, anxiety, and stress in the pet.  Fear has been shown to cause mental and physical illness in bother people and animals.

The Veterinarians of the Animal Health Clinic are Certified Fear Free Professionals as well as many of the technicians and customer service representatives. Our goal for 2020 is to meet the elevated standards established to become a Certified Fear-Free Veterinary Hospital.

Our Fear Free mission is to reduce the signs of fear, stress and anxiety in our patients by altering their environment and how they are handled not just in the veterinary practice, but at home as well. There are many tip and trick you can use to bring the Fear-Free concept to your own home. Form more information visit FearFreeHappyHomes.com

Important COVID-19 Update

Rest assured — we are here for you and your pet!

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread globally, we are taking precautions to keep our clients, staff, and the community as safe and healthy as possible. Please check our COVID-19 page prior to your pet’s visit for an update on our current approach and response to COVID-19.

Additionally, we have temporarily suspended our hours on Saturday, and if you do not have a scheduled visit, please call before visiting our clinic.

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