Canine Housetraining

Housetraining my new puppy – where should I start??

You should be able to easily train your puppy to eliminate in the desired areas by understanding his/her natural instincts, reading the cues that your puppy is giving you by keeping him close to you will notice the subtle signals that you puppy may be giving you, being consistent in what you are asking (and how) and using a positive reward system of training.  Some puppies will naturally be more easily trainable, but that being said much of it will depend on you.

  1.  Find a treat that your pet finds delectable and cut it into very small pieces, and then only give it when you are house breaking.
  2. Keep your puppy in a relatively small area or confined to the room that you are in so that you can observe for any behaviors that may signal that your puppy needs to eliminate.
  3. When you see circling or sniffing the ground more than usual or other signals that are unique to your puppy, pick your puppy up and calmly take him outside to the desired spot.
  4. Always take your puppy to the same spot, tell him to “go potty”, “go pee pee” or whatever command you want to use.  Make sure that everyone in the household is using the same command. 
  5. It is also recommended to use one door to go out to play and another door to go out to eliminate.  Puppies are easily distracted therefore it is recommended that if the puppy doesn’t eliminate in a couple of minutes that you go back into the house.  You may go back out the other door to play if it is appropriate or wait a few minutes and go back out and have the puppy to try to eliminate again if you think that the pet needs to.
  6. Feeding your puppy, a set amount of food at set times will also help your puppy eliminate on a more regular schedule.
  7. Most puppies instinctively need to eliminate after eating, drinking, playing, resting, sleeping or being confined.  Plan to take your pet out 5 to 30 minutes after these. 
  8. When your puppy begins to eliminate, gently praise him.  When he finishes eliminating, immediately reward him and praise him enthusiastically.  Over time you will want to remove the treat rewards and only continue the praise reward. 
  9. It is important to try to prevent accidents as we want only to give positive rewards.  Since accidents are our fault don’t scold your puppy, remove the puppy from the room and quietly clean up the mess and deodorize the area. 
  10. Careful attention is needed to prevent accidents, watching for signals and learning your puppy’s needs will help.  Don’t despair some puppies are easier and some take time just like children, also the more you are home with your puppy the easier housebreaking will be.

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