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Losing a Beloved Pet

Our pet’s have become so much more than ‘just animals’. They are loved just as much as our spouses and children and we grieve for them just the same. Pets provide companionship, acceptance, emotional support, and unconditional love during the time they share with us.

But how can I cope?

Acknowledge your grief and give yourself permission to express your feelings. Reach out to friends and family for support. Capture your feelings through a journal or artwork.  Volunteer at your local Humane Society or provide a foster home for pets awaiting adoption. Join a support group! Pet Loss support groups can provide the environment and support you may need during this difficult time.

Pet Bereavement Counseling

Cathy Hubbard, D.Min
Hospice of Washington County, Inc.
747 Northern Ave.
Hagerstown, MD 21742
(301) 791-6360 x153

Pet Loss Hotlines:

VA/MD Regional Veterinary School
6pm-9pm Tues. – Thurs.

ASPCA Petloss Hotline
Leave a message and your call will be returned immediately