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Erin, Registered Veterinary Technician, Practice Manager

Erin, a life-long animal lover, grew up in Washington County and joined our team after graduating from Frostburg State University.

She’s a proud dog mom to Canon and Kensi. They love to go for hikes and long car rides.

When she’s not working, Erin loves photography, gardening, and being outside as much as possible.

Debbi, CVPM, Practice Administrator

Debbi moved to Hagerstown when she was 13 and graduated from North Hagerstown High. She then moved to Florida and lived there for 11 years, eventually moving back to the area and joining our team as assistant practice manager.

Debbi earned her Certificate in Veterinary Hospital Management from St. Petersburg College and sat for the CVPM exam in 2008.

Her furry family includes a Great Dane named Finley who is scared of everything, a German wire-haired pointer mix named Murphy (a spoiled mama’s boy), a long-haired Dachshund mix named Luna (the queen of the house), a rescued DSH cat named Link, and Flemish giant rabbit named Jaxon.

When she’s not working, Debbi likes to spend time with her husband and two children and read science fiction and horror.

Jenni, Office Manager

Jenni has worked in the veterinary field for nearly 30 years, over 27 of which have been in management. 

She’s had pets most of her life, so working with them comes quite naturally to her. Her furry family consists of Newfoundlands MO, Mia, and Duncan, along with Lionel, a Clumber Spaniel who thinks he’s a Newf.


Alison, Registered Veterinary Technician

Ali grew up in Pennsylvania surrounded by animals including dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, and many others. It was in Pittsburgh at the Vet Tech Institute that she met her soon-to-be husband. They moved to West Virginia after graduation and got married a couple years later. Together, they have a son, as well as two cats – Blaze and Oliver – a Bernese Mountain Dog named Goose and a Labrador Retriever named Maverick. They also recently acquired a beta fish aptly named Fish.

Ali and her husband spend their free time together with family, enjoying the outdoors and waterskiing on the river.

Maggie, Registered Veterinary Technician

Maggie first realized her love for animal care when she was eight years old and she and her mom had to rush the family cat, Socks, to the vet after he’d been shot in the eye by a BB gun. She loved watching the veterinarian work on Socks and then she herself devoted herself to nursing the cat back to health. She knew then that she wanted to work in the veterinary field.

Maggie earned her Regents Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in science from Shepherd University in 2018. She also took two semesters of classes through Penn Foster to sit for her VTNE.

At home, Maggie has a large furry family that consists of Lilo (a seven-pound dilute tortoiseshell who rules the roost), Sock Junior or SJ (a Seal Point Siamese and the most lovable cat she’s ever owned), Willow, a sensitive, happy, snuggly, and affectionate brindle Pit Bull who simply cannot contain her joie de vivre and will cover you in kisses, and latest addition, Duke, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves to snuggle.

In her free time, Maggie enjoys exploring the outdoors with her son and teaching him everything she knows about animals. He’s already showing signs of following in his mom’s footsteps.

Kris, Veterinary Technician

Kris grew up just a block from the clinic and got started with us as a kennel assistant in high school, working her way up to technician over the years.

An animal lover from a young age, she attended HCC and Hood College, determined to eventually make a difference in the lives of pets.

She’s proud dog mom to Lycan, a sheltie who considers himself a lap dog. No matter where you sit down, your lap is where he thinks he belongs!

In her free time, Kris likes to take walks with her family on the beach and collect seashells. She also enjoys reading to her children – often with a cup of coffee close at hand!

Jess, Veterinary Technician

Jessica grew up in Laurel, Maryland and spent the majority of her childhood in Rogersville, Tennessee. In 2020, she and her husband were hunting for houses in the Smithsburg area and that’s when she discovered our clinic. She loved how our staff treated her through the hiring and interview process and we’re thrilled to have her as a part of our team.

Jessica grew up with dogs and loved running and playing with them and the cows near her grandma’s house when she was a girl. It was at age 18 when her childhood dog was diagnosed with two forms of cancer that she truly realized her passion for animals and for taking care of them through their most vulnerable moments.

At home, she has an American Bulldog mix named Luna and a Pitbull mix named Zara. They love to cuddle and play. (no chasing visitors around the house)

In her free time, Jessica enjoys writing poetry, hunting with her husband, crafting her home memory wall, and getting her dogs out for lots of exercise in the yard.

Megan, Veterinary Technician

Megan grew up surrounded by animals on a farm in small-town Pennsylvania and moved to Funkstown for love. A graduate of Harcum College in Philadelphia, she wanted a fast-paced job that would keep her moving and the veterinary field was a natural fit.

Megan is proud pet mom to Oliver, a fluffy Maine Coon mix, and Corporal Klinger, an accident-prone, one-eyed tabby cat. She got both of her cats through unusual circumstances. She found Oliver in an alley where a Pyrenees was attacking him, and she took Corporal Klinger home after almost hitting him – a very sick little kitten at the time – with her car.

An avid outdoors enthusiast, Megan is happiest hiking, camping, or kayaking. She spends most of her weekends white water kayaking or river guiding. She also enjoys crafting and gardening.

Kacie, Veterinary Technician

A native of southern West Virginia, Kacie grew up around animals, always befriending something furry, scaly, or slimy. Big or small, it didn’t matter to her, and she always knew she wanted to work on their behalf, to better their lives in whatever way what she could.

Her first job was as a stable hand for an equine psychotherapist, mucking out stalls and doing daily feedings. She quickly rose up through the ranks, moving on to the more complicated role of exerciser and assistant. Having devoted her working life to animal welfare, she saw an ad for a kennel technician two years ago and that’s when she joined our team. She’s worked her way up the ladder here, too, and is currently studying for her RVT certification. She might even go on to be a full-fledged DVM someday.

At home, Kacie has a cat named Pooka, two ferrets (Gastly and Ivy), and two Jack Russell Terriers: Maddie and Loki. Kacie’s furry family is quirky and she pre-furs it that way. Pooka is a cat-dog who loves belly rubs and will flop down on his back to beg for them. The ferrets enjoy taunting the cat by running circles around him with his favorite toy in their mouths. And Maddie and Loki are her little adventure pups, always up for a ramble in the woods, eager to chase critters and even hop on the kayak for a ride.

In the summer, Kacie loves to be in and around the water, fishing, swimming, kayaking, floating – she does it all. And in the winter, she’s a snow bunny, relishing the sight of her footprints in fresh powder. She’s also a self-described horse girl and takes every chance she can to go riding!

Heather, Veterinary Technician

Heather joined our team as a kennel tech back in high school. Knowing she wanted to further her education and continue to work with animals, she enrolled in Texas’s Distance Education Veterinary Technician Program, eventually earning her Small Animal Veterinary Technician Assistant Certification.

Growing up, Heather thought she might want to be a veterinarian and she also has experience in management, but she quickly realized that she prefers the nursing and patient care part of the veterinary field and is happy to be part of our tech team.

Her furry family consists of Oliver, a small black mix who thinks he’s boss of the household; Kona, a large black shepherd/lab mix who loves squeaky toys; Trevor, a gray, short-haired cat who thinks he’s a dog; and Grayson, the family guinea pig.

Heather lives in Clear Spring with her husband, Steve, and son, Ben. She enjoys camping, hiking, gardening, and spending time with her family.

Megan, Veterinary Technician

A native of Clear Spring and a graduate of Pittsburgh’s Vet Tech Institute, Megan did her externship here at our clinic in 2013. She then moved with her husband to South Dakota and worked as a vet tech there for six years. When she returned to Maryland, she rejoined our team.

Megan is proud cat mom to Buttercup, a domestic shorthair tortoiseshell who helped her get through the many challenges of moving 1,000 miles away from her family and friends as well as her husband’s deployment and becoming a mom and so much more. She also has two dogs – a black lab named Gunner who’s basically her shadow and a yellow lab named Gage that she got when her husband was deployed.

Megan also has two daughters – Briar Leighanne, 4, and Sutton Jaymeslynne, 1. They take up most of her free time, but when she does have some to spare for herself, Megan enjoys hunting, hiking, and crafting. She also loves photography.

Katie, Veterinary Technician

Katie grew up in Frederick County and began working in animal welfare as a kennel technician for a general practice vet before graduating high school. She climbed the ladder to veterinary assistant and was hungry to learn more.

When she married in 2009 and moved to a small town outside Savannah, Georgia, Katie continued her education by working in another general practice, first in the kennels and then as a receptionist and assistant. After moving back to Maryland, she decided she wanted to earn her RVT and will be graduating from Penn Foster’s technician program in 2022. She joined our team in 2021.

Her furry family consists of two big, naughty, fluffy boy cats – Fat and Munch – and a tiny Chihuahua named Daisy. She loves her fur baby bunch!

In her free time, Katie enjoys live music – that’s her happy place – as well as traveling, trying new food, working on her green thumb, and being with family.

Brianna, Veterinary Technician

Brianna was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia and grew up in Eldersburg. She went to Hagerstown Community College, planning to be a veterinarian but quickly decided that wasn’t the career path for her. She still wanted to work with animals, however, and started her in the kennels, gradually working her way up to vet tech.

Brianna is proud dog mom to Chloe, Jax, and Sokka, but she’s also a devoted cat lover. Her feline family includes Vegeta (more human than cat), Leo (gives everyone kisses), Min-Min (the fluffiest), Chansey (a survivor with one eye and no teeth), Rascal (the silent one), Jiggly Puff (loves climbing shoulders), Onix (loves humans), Shadow (sweet and innocent), Sommer (loyal), and Yoshi (Brianna cut his umbilical cord and they have been together ever since).

When she’s not working, Brianna can be found taking care of her zoo, hiking with the dogs, and going to the beach.

Terri, Veterinary Technician

Terri was born in Virginia but has lived in many places, including Australia, and now calls Martinsburg, WV home.  She grew up with all kinds of animals in the house-snakes, turtles, fish, sugar gliders, cats and dogs.  

So, there was never any doubt that Terri would work with animals in some way or another, and has been doing just that since 2005, having joined our Tech Team over eight years ago.

She has fish and three cats. Loki who loves food and being on anyone’s lap, Isis, who loves to tell you when she wants to be loved, and Athena, who loves people but can still be shy at times.

When Terri isn’t working, she likes to craft, hike and camp— pretty much anything outdoors with her family.

Candi, Veterinary Technician

Candi grew up primarily in Washington and Frederick counties where she took every ag and animal science class she could. From the young age of 10, she planned to be a veterinarian, but working in a shelter convinced her that she’d rather be a technician, taking care of and loving on as many animals as she possibly can.

At home, Candi has her heart dog, JaPitaWhip Kool Aid, whom she adopted from the shelter where she was working. The pup was initially very scared and didn’t trust anyone until Candi won her over. She is now a licker and a lover. Candi also has a fake Maine Coon named Kacey who often sports a resting kitty face and tends to be annoyed with everything. Rounding out her zoo are three Sulcata tortoises named Hulk (a social butterfly), Tori (friendly but less outgoing than Hulk), Bebop (shy but loves to eat), and a Box turtle named Little Foot (who’s not really a fan of the whole arrangement).

When she’s not working, Candi can be found anywhere animal-related: zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries – really anywhere she can see, feed, pet, and/or admire different kinds of animals. She’s a huge nature lover and could sit outside doing nothing for hours and be perfectly happy. She also likes to go to the beach and swim in her free time.

Vicky, Veterinary Technician

A native of Arlington, VA, Vicky moved to the Funkstown area in 2019 and found out about a job at our clinic through her best friend.

She grew up in a family with eight cats and, as they got older, everyone helped tend to the cats, giving them fluids and meds at home. Vicky didn’t think about how such skills could actually lead to a fulfilling career until she graduated high school and started working in a vet’s office.

At home, Vicky has a 21.6-pound Maine Coon named Mason, who thinks he’s a dog most of the time, Froaki Bean – a Sphynx who loves to cuddle and cause chaos – and a standard poodle and the goofiest dog you’ll ever meet.

In her free time, Vicky enjoys spending time with friends and her pets, listening to music, and watching “Friends.”

Katie, Veterinary Technician

Originally from Hedgesville, West Virginia, Katie grew up on a farm and always had a passion for animals. Her first brushes with animal care took place on her childhood farm, where she often assisted with the birthing of calves and piglets.

A graduate of Potomac State, Katie has a large furry family that includes a cow named Dog Cow (she sits like a dog and follows you everywhere) and a horse named Thunderstruck.  She also has one cat named Bebe, who is three-legged, and three dogs:  Scooter, a Dachshund who loves to go camping, LuLu, a German Shorthair Pointer who loves to chase birds and a Blue Heeler, Storm, a great watchdog and herder of cows.

In her free time, Katie enjoys riding trails at Hatfield McCoy’s with her family and going to truck and tractor pulls with, John, whose truck is named Damage Plan.

Lauren, Technician Assistant

A native of Smithburg, Lauren always knew she wanted to help animals in any way she could. She got her start at a local shelter and in taking every agriculture class she could in high school. Over the years it became clear to her that animal welfare was her passion. This particularly hit home one night when a stray dog came to her house in a snowstorm. Her family adopted the dog and Lauren understood then and there that she would devote her working life to the health and happiness of pets.

She currently cares for four dogs, five peacocks, five ducks, and three chickens. Hoosier is the youngest of the family and loves to be with his humans all the time. Gunner and Roxi are his parents. Roxi enjoys cuddling and all three just have fun playing with toys and each other. Sadie hides in the blankets to get away from her siblings and the birds roam free throughout the day so that when night comes, they’re ready to go in their cage and store energy up for the next day.

In her free time, Lauren likes to spend time with her family. Together, they take the dogs for long walks in parks, battlefields, and abandoned places.

Sidney, Veterinary Technician

Sidney grew up in Northern Virginia (Sterling/Ashburn) and graduated from Martinsburg High School after moving to West Virginia. From a very young age, she loved animals and was fascinated by animal documentaries. She would draw animals or read anything about them. She is studying for a bachelor’s degree in natural science through American Public University and hopes to go to vet school one day. Sidney joined AHCF after moving to the Hagerstown, MD, area. She shares her home with a 4-year-old Rottweiler named Layla, who is a cuddle bug and a very sweet baby that carries and sleeps with a little red pig every day. In her free time, Sidney enjoys sleeping, hanging out with friends and practicing aerial skills. She’s currently learning Lyra aerial hoop and sometimes practices trapeze and gymnastics.

Customer Service Representatives

Linda, CSR

A native of Kensington, Linda always had dogs her entire life. She’s continuing that streak with her golden retriever, Parker.

In her free time, Linda enjoys gardening, cooking, and walking.

Megan G, CSR

In the 20 years Megan has worked in the veterinary field, she’s done it all, including kennel assistant, vet assistant, radiation technician, and laboratory and pharmacy technician. She’s served both in emergency clinics and primary care hospitals. When she joined our team in 2017 in client services, she felt like she’d really finally found her calling.

As a child, she told people she wanted to grow up to be either a veterinarian, zookeeper, or animal trainer. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t caring for some sort of pet and she always had a dog near her.

She’s continuing that tradition with her six-year-old Shih Tzu mix named Ivy, who’s her best pal. Megan also has a tabby cat named Candy, who is full of mischief. Boxers are Megan’s favorite dog breed and she has had many over the years.

In her free time, Megan enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community. She also likes to watch her son, Kamdyn, play baseball and basketball, and to go on family camping and fishing trips. Megan’s a big NHL fan. Go Pens!!

Megan, CSR

Megan, who grew up in nearby Chambersburg, PA, discovered her passion for animals when she adopted her first dog right out of college.

She then went on to work for a local veterinary hospital for six years before joining the Funkstown family. She really enjoys helping people to help their pets.

Megan is currently a dedicated petmom herself to tiny Chihuahuas Maebelle and Violet, who each have very fashionable wardrobes!

When she’s not working, you’ll find her reading and relaxing with family and friends.

Denise, CSR

A native of York, Pennsylvania, Denise joined our team in 2015.

She discovered her love of animals through her first dog, a German short-haired pointer named Hagen. She is currently proud dog mom to two more German short-hairs: Hemey, a social butterfly who loves swimming and doggie daycare, and Gabby, who’s super sweet, loves to cuddle, and hates birds!
When she’s not working, Denise can be found spending time with her dogs and her husband, Chris, and frequenting yard sales and flea markets, looking for bargains.

Kennel Assistant


Kelsey grew up in nearby Boonsboro and her family’s dogs have been patients here since she was little—but her desire to work in veterinary medicine was solidified when she started riding horses several years ago.

At home, Kelsey has her own animal family now, which includes her dog Reesey, a cat named Nermal, and Rhaegal the gecko. When she’s not caring for pets here at the clinic, Kelsey enjoys gardening, playing the guitar and reading.