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How to Keep Your Senior Pet Smiling

In addition to an exam and blood screenings, we also advise that older pets have abdominal ultrasound, and X-rays. While blood screenings are an excellent diagnostic tool for many diseases…

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Separation Anxiety: Heading Back to Work after COVID-19

As many of us head back to work after weeks or months of sheltering in place, we are all looking to the future to find some semblance of normal. For…

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Life with My 20-Year-Old Cat, Part II

Last year I helped my Miss Gabby Celebrate her 20th birthday, and this year she marched ever so slowly toward 21. How has her life changed over the last year?…

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Fall Flea Festival

In addition to darker mornings, cooler days, and changes in foliage this autumn season, you may also experience a sudden emergence of uninvited houseguests – FLEAS. This is because with…

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Canine Osteoarthritis – Help Stop the Silent Suffering

Unlike humans, dogs cannot vocalize to us when and where “it hurts”, so all too often early signs of Canine Osteoarthritis go unnoticed, resulting in delayed treatment. Sadly, some dogs…

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So why are UTI’s such a problem?

So why are UTI’s such a problem? Well to start, the term UTI (Urinary Tract infection) is often used as an “umbrella term” to cover a variety of different types…

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Is my dog really a senior?

I'd like to introduce you to my handsome boy Lycan. He's a sheltie that is as cuddly as he looks, and is great with my two kids. I've had him…

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Life with my 20 year old cat – Part 1

Say Hello to Miss Gabby. Born June 1st 1999, or as close as I can determine. Gabby was a surprise addition to my family. I was fresh out of college…

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The Potential Dangers of Grain Free Diets

In light of some current events in the pet food world, The FDA has pointed out that grain-free diets may be a cause of a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy,…

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